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Regal Group Plc CEO Statement

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CEO Regal Food Products Group Plc

With a change of direction in business strategy the primary focus for Regal Food Products Group Plc in the first year of implementation was on increasing sales and profitability whilst keeping a focus on costs. This allowed us to focus on and improve our basic infrastructure and implement our current business model.

With the completion of our first year business plan, it would be fair to say that the regeneration process of Regal Food Products Group Plc is well under way and financial results were in line with expectations. In September we began to implement our current business plan with which we are intent to maintain the achievements of the first year and stay on a course of sustainable, profitable growth.

I believe it is vital to have consistency between short-term goals and actions and long-term strategy. It is important to balance the growth of the business and the effectiveness of business in society. Balance does not mean compromise. Rather, keeping an effective balance requires us to stretch and adapt to changes in our business, in our environment and in the communities where we operate.

In order to strengthen our focus and increase the impact of our activities, we are gradually moving towards a clearer, more strategic and business integrated approach to responsibility and sustainability. We believe that sustainable thinking and financial growth can go hand in hand.

We are committed to a business strategy of creating value and profitable growth and we are determined to fully utilize the talents of all our people as they are the real asset of the company. With our encouragement, together, we can make a real contribution, for our customers, suppliers and business partners, to the communities, for our own wellbeing and for the sustainability of the world in which we live and work in. We are committed to sustainability, for the sake of good business and good corporate citizenship

Younis Chaudhry

President and Chief Executive Officer